Kyrgios invoque sa santé mentale dans une affaire d’agression

L’Australien de 22 ans, récemment plongé dans la tourmente après avoir « insulté » l’un des arbitres du tournoi, a déclaré qu’il souffrait à nouveau d’une maladie mentale.

raquette : Kyrgios invoque sa santé mentale dans une affaire d’agression


In an interview with The Times, Nick Kyrgios opened up about his mental health and how it has affected his playing career. The Australian tennis player has been known for his volatile temperament on court, and he says that his mental health issues are a big part of why that is. Kyrgios has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of his life, and he says that it’s something that he’s still working on. In the past, he has been fined and even suspended from playing because of his outbursts on court. However, Kyrgios says that he is trying to get help for his mental health issues and that he wants to be a better role model for other players.

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{Kyrgios} says he was ‘triggered’ by a fan’s camera during his win over {Opelka} at the {Wimbledon} warm-up event in {Queen’s Club}, adding that he had been dealing with mental health issues for a while. The Australian, who has a history of on-court tantrums, was fined $113,000 by the ATP last year for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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In a recent interview, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios said that he is taking a break from the sport to focus on his mental health. Kyrgios has been embroiled in controversy recently after an on-court incident in which he appeared to deliberately tank a game. He was fined for his actions and suspended from the ATP Tour for two weeks. In his interview, Kyrgios said that he has been struggling with his mental health for some time and that he needs to take a break from tennis to focus on himself. He said that he hopes to return to the sport soon, but only when he is mentally ready.

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In an interview with the Tennis Channel, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios said that he was « mentally and physically » not in a good place during an on-court argument with chair umpire Fergus Murphy at the Madrid Open. « I don’t know how to explain it. I was just really down out there, » Kyrgios said. « I’m just not feeling good mentally or physically. I just need some time off. »

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In an interview with the New York Times, Nick Kyrgios spoke about his mental health and how it has affected his tennis career. He said that he has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and that he sometimes doesn’t enjoy playing tennis because of how it makes him feel. Kyrgios said that he is often in a dark place when he’s on the court, and that he sometimes can’t focus on the match because of his mental health.

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In an Instagram post, Nick Kyrgios said that he was « sorry to the fans » that he had to default from his semifinal match at the Italian Open on Saturday. Kyrgios was defaulted after throwing a chair onto the court in anger and smashing several rackets. « This isn’t a sign of weakness, » Kyrgios said of his decision to quit the match. « I’ve been struggling with it for a while. » He added that he would take some time off to « address [his] mental health. »

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In an Instagram post, Kyrgios said that he was « a little bit down » after the incident and that he had been seeking help for his mental health. « Mental health is something that everyone should talk about more, » he wrote. « It’s not easy carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders every day. »

Après avoir été accusé d’avoir agressé un arbitre lors d’un match de tennis, Kyrgios a invoqué sa santé mentale comme excuse. Kyrgios a déclaré qu’il souffrait de trouble bipolaire et que cela avait joué un rôle dans son comportement pendant le match. Bien que la Fédération internationale de tennis ait accepté sa version des événements, certains ont critiqué Kyrgios pour essayer de se servir de sa maladie mentale comme excuse. Qu’en pensez-vous?

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